YallaCheckInn.com SEO and Social Media Challenges

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SEO & SMM Scoring 100% right is the biggest challenge for any business today.

YallaCheckInn.com OTA is the online initiative by Check INN Travel Group. YallaCheckInn.com OTA is a unique online travel agency business idea from the group who has been catering several clients in MENA. Check INN Travel Group owns and operates the only Arabic Language Travel & Tourism TV Channel. They are promoting Global Business and Leisure Travel in the world’s most lucrative outbound market. Yallacheckinn.com is linked with Check INN TV, making this combination a unique and one of its kind operation in the world.

About YallaCheckInn.com SEO & Social Media Challenges

SEO, SMM, Search Content Asset created for YallaCheckInn.com
SEO, SMM, Search Content Asset created for YallaCheckInn.com
  •  Check INN Travel Group is a unique travel business in the Middle East and North Africa region
  •  Comprising of the region’s first and the only Arabic Language Travel & Tourism TV Channel promoting Global Business and Leisure Travel in the world’s most lucrative outbound market
  •  Yallacheckinn.com is an OTA that is linked with Check INN TV making the combination a unique and one of its kind operation in the world
  •  Yallacheckinn.com offers travellers from the region a seamless travel booking facility. From Hotels and Flights to Car Rentals and Cruises – pretty much everything to do with travel in a simple three step philosophy – Search, Book and Yalla (Pack your bags and Travel).

PlanOne Media team were challenged to ensure the proper launch of the Online Travel Agency portal using the most effective digital channels. Our main objective was to drive maximum qualified leads for the portal. One of the key aspects of the launch was to creation consistent branding of the online channel across all platforms; while also positioning the portal in the right places & categories in order for users looking for travel deals to be able to find it easily.

OTA Insight

Travel & Tourism is one of the largest categories on the Google Search universe. The searches by users in this category presented some of the largest numbers of searches and opportunities for YallaCheckInn.com OTA. Middle East market was dominated by Booking.com & Hotel.com. This presented us with a big opportunity as the local/regional player who understands the local needs well and who has owned TV media channel with better rates and bigger inventory of hotels.


Optimizing the OTA by maximizing YallaCheckInn.com presences on the Google Search Engine and maximize inbound through SEO & SMO. PlanOne Media developing visuals and text ads variations for 12 destinations x 3 variations i.e. 36 creatives for social media and search each.


Through an integrated SEO & Social Media campaign, PlanOne Media has managed to deliver high volume of qualified leads to the OTA resulting in a $4000 value of organic traffic within the first 3 months of the activity and over 100,000 organic traffic to the website.

Your Challenges for the Agency of the Future

The Future is here. We are the new kind of agency – we believe that creativity should marry the digital world and face the artificial intelligence in order to create, design and innovate the most powerful ideas/content for your brand or cause. Our AI initiative for creativity takes the entire experience to a whole new level that carries the power of digital and it is deeply integrated into your marketing campaigns. Our approach redefines the way the advertising industry has been approaching marketing KPI’s with in-depth insights and the science that deliver the right marketing.

For the first time in Pakistan, we are bringing expert services of SEO and Social Media that are specifically designed keeping in mind the problems faced by advertising agencies previously. We have also devised a model that helps other advertising agency networks that looks for partnership with expert Digital Media Agency for building their internet marketing needs in order to fulfill the gap in the Digital Agency Expertise sector and provide Digital Marketing Agency services to clients & partners while accelerating the online presence requirements with our guaranteed SEO services.

As the agency of future, we eye on the emerging technologies and trends – and the potential for community serving by being able to bring out the talent and establish a platform for the next generation to be able to grow and embrace the future challenges.

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