Product Photography for Social Media


Get photography for Social Media Campaigns. We bring our team to experience your product first hand in-order to provide the real-time visual experiences for your social media audience. In this Photoshoot, you will receive unto 30 high quality images, with 1 high quality video compilation of about 1 minute.

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Say a thousand words about your business with professional product photography

Bring an in-store experience to online retail with our professional product photography, the first complete end-to-end product imaging solution for your social media, website, mobile app, VR and AR applications.

From creation to conversion, we’re with you the whole way

Social media provides a lot more freedom for creative composition of images. Product photography quality standards should stay the same or get even better with time. We don’t stick to white backgrounds and perfectly centered product photography, but rather show your products in its natural environment.

Product photography to showcase how to use them? or even create sharable photos content that some people can relate to and projects a lifestyle that customers can associate with.

Get creative with product photography shots, while keeping the quality in mind and adhere to the principles of post-processing requirements of each social media platform (facebook, Instagram, etc), which includes color correction and cropping. Photos that are always in focus, properly lit lifestyle photo with dulled colors that elevate the brand image.

Social media is about your brand personality. It’s casual yet sensual, and we provide you muscle to stand out in the crowd to promote your brand.

Social media world is growing ever more complex, with more people populating the big platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and tech-savvy groups like millennials splitting their social circle into different channels. Our goal is to find the right mix of visuals that best corresponds to your target audience so you can optimize your aim and marketing efforts (budgets). Our vast experience with major local & international brands allows us to segment within platforms using groups, hashtags, or the targeting functionality of paid ads.

Focus is key so that you can execute quality campaigns and reach the hearts of your customers instead of just scratching the surface of a broad, uninterested audience. For example, Facebook is maturing and late adopters of older generations are becoming regular users while millennials are still going strong. Some millennials have migrated to Snapchat, where you will also find younger consumers, teenagers in particular. Your product will ultimately define which consumer group you are after and from there, you can tailor your visual content to grab their attention.

One Service Purchase booking of Product photography include:

  1. DSLR Camera with Lenses, required Flash for the shoot
  2. Photography director & assistant for the shoot
  3. One-time product shoot at the client premise for maximum of 5 products, 2-4 hours maximum, on the set appointed times
  4. Post processing of up to 30 selected images for color correction & optimization
  5. One video compilation of maximum 1 minutes from the shoot, (it cannot be scripted, for full video service see Video Production for Social Media page)

Our Work (Video from Photography):

The Food Expert – illy coffee



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